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TWICE just completed its fourth international tour, solidifying its position as a “K-Pop representative female group.” TWICE started a new global time last December 25th and 26th in the (Olympic Gymnastics Stadium) in Seoul, Korea. The band launched a fantastic U.S. tour with seven performances in February of this year, reaching 100,000 people.

TWICE has been the first K-pop female group to perform a live performance for North American fans, showcasing their global strength. TWICE will be the first K-pop girl group to perform a reunion event in North America, according to JYP Entertainment, on March 31. Despite their global fame, several important young girl groups, such as Blackpink, have struggled to achieve this feat. TWICE has recently reported a re-execution of the American leg of their 2022 World Tour, which had previously been listed as “all seats sold out.” Not only that but TWICE is only the second K-Pop artist in history to do so, following BTS. Buy Tickets From Here

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Meanwhile, TWICE established another milestone week after week, becoming the first unknown female artisan in Oricon’s set of experiences to top the week after week collection outline with eight separate collections. With this, TWICE now joins forces with TVXQ to become the unknown artist with the second-highest amount of supplies reaching number one (following BTS with nine collections). Get Cheapest Tickets From Here

TWICE ‘III’ Gets A North American Reprise Show

TWICE will perform a reprise event at the Bank of California Stadium in Los Angeles, California, on May 14 as part of their fourth global tour – III (Three). The concert is believed to have a capacity of 22,000 people. In February 2022, TWICE has grown in popularity in the United States since their third full-length album, “Formula of Love: O+T=3,” debuted at No. 3 on the Billboard 200 main albums list in November. The album’s lead song, “The Feels,” released in October as the group’s debut English single, peaked at No. 83 on the Billboard Hot 100 central singles list.

TWICE will perform in Japan for the first time two years before their North American return tour in May 2022. with three performance events. K-Pop fans know that Tokyo Dome has been selected as the “sacred site of Japanese shows,” and they expect a crazy reaction TWICE. This week TWICE celebrates the fifth anniversary This time, TWICE celebrates the fifth anniversary of their authoritative Japanese debut, One More Time, released in 2017. Buy Tickets From Here

TWICE 4th World Tour ‘Ⅲ’ Encore.’

The show will be held on May 14 at Los Angeles’ Banc of California Stadium. According to the announcement, tickets for the special repeated event will be available to buy again on April 6, according to the information.

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